Five ways to get creative in Bath

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Bath is a vibrant city, which beautifully mixes the old with the new. It has a rich heritage and plenty of museums, galleries and independent shops to make it a unique place to see. Because of this, it offers many opportunities to get creative.

Here are the top 5 ways to get inspired in Bath:

1.    Join in with one of Bath’s festivals. Bath hosts many festivals which are always diverse and varied. Listening to music, authors and comedians will help you unwind and get inspired.

2.    Attend a Creative Bath event, such as the Summer Party. Surrounding yourself with creative people for an evening is a relaxed and fun way to network with people and find out about creative opportunities in Bath.

3.    Get active! Much like the ones in your body, your creative muscles need to be exercised. The view from the top of Bath Skyline is sure to inspire anyone with its beauty. Fresh air and natural surroundings can help you get creative.

4.    Read magazines and books to get inspiration. Bath’s independent magazine shop, Magalleria, supplies magazines on art, design, fashion, lifestyle, food, travel and literature. These magazines have great content, ideas and inspiration for getting creative.

5.    Take a class or join a group. In Bath, you can enjoy a paint workshop at The Marmalade House, or a cookery lesson at The Bertinet Kitchen Cookery School. To stay creative, it is important to keep learning and be open minded to new things.

Getting away from the computer screen and exploring all that Bath has to offer is a sure way to stay inspired and get creative. The beautiful city is always busy and changing, so enjoy what’s on offer!

By Emma Curtis, Bath Spa University

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