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Looking for something to do this Halloween?

Take part in a walking Ghost Tour around some of the most recognisable places in bath, through an alternative and ghostly point of view. Earlier tours for children or large groups can be arranged, with student prices being £5 on Thursdays. Although the tours run all year round on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, you can take part in a special ‘Hallowe'en Walk’ on Tuesday 31st October 2017, but be quick to book tickets so you are not disappointed!

Take a trip to Bath Skyline during this October half term for a unique outdoor experience for the family. There are perfect activities for families with children aged 5+, who seek to find creativity through nature. This event offers the chance to get creative this Halloween through activities such as games, challenges, and natural art.

Visit the American Museum at night, perfect for older teens and adults, this tour is ideal for ages 14+. Celebrate Halloween at a late opening of the American Museum whilst listening to ghostly American folk tales from your guide, starting with the story of Bloody Mary in the museums seventeenth century room.

Get creative with your costumes! These Halloween themed events offer a chance for the whole family to get creative through not only their activities, but their costumes. Whether this may be a ghostly outfit for the walking tour, or an adventurous costume at Bath Skyline, there is a chance for everyone to get dressed up and get involved in!

Thanks to Abby Robson from Bath Spa University for providing this blog!

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