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18 months ago our partner ADLIB moved offices, refreshed their brand and expanded the team. That was them settled and focussed for the next few years. Or so they thought…

Nick Dean, Managing Director at ADLIB:

A year and a half later, and we stand here today with a newly formed ‘change and digital transformation’ ADLIB team, we’re increasingly receiving calls from outside of the South West asking for help, so are also expanding our ADLIB service offering geographically. In addition, less than a year ago, we launched our sister company enable, a specialist sales recruitment business that’s taking the world by storm.

The foundation of this success is twofold. First up we’ve worked hard to develop our employer profile, the result of which has been a stream of seriously good potential employees and recruiters knocking on our door that want out of the industry norm. Secondly we got ahead of the game identifying where growth opportunities sat, so when the right people came along we are ready to move fast.

The result of which means, we’re going to be moving offices again at the end of the year. Thankfully it’s only a corridor away and a space that is large enough to house both, ADLIB and enable, with the capacity to grow out both teams at pace.

In theory we should be good then for the next five years. That said, never say never….

Why have a dedicated change and transformation team?

ADLIB started out servicing the creative and marketing industries 16 years ago. Digital was a long way from where it is today. SEO, PPC, social, programmatic, UX for example were things of the future (or at least in their infancy). People didn’t buy much online, there was no such thing as an iPhone and mobile marketing was basically SMS.

Back then two out of three ADLIB people had worked within marketing and digital agencies (coupled with a good stint in recruitment beforehand) so we were well positioned to develop our proposition and get our heads around what clients were calling for as emerging skill sets became more and more apparent. To this day we’ve been genuinely interested and fascinated about the sectors we operate in – that bit makes the world of difference to be successful in ADLIB and for ADLIB to be successful in the market place.

Fast forward to July 2017 and ADLIB’s offering has continued to evolve in line with the demand for specialist skills – for example those working within eCommerce, user experience, interface design, digital marketing and technology – Importantly, without losing focus on the wider marketing and creative roots that help build us.

And that’s where our digital transformation and change proposition comes in. Over recent years, we have increasingly placed candidates stemming from digital marketing, creative and technology orientated backgrounds in to clients with a need for digital transformation and change. We’ve seen these candidates make the move due to their understanding of digital technologies and platforms, their experience and ability to collaborate and work with designers, experience teams, analysts, developers etc. and the underlying desire to play a role in the development of a digital product or service with purpose.

How we’ll deliver it

To help achieve our ambitions and meet market demand we’re delighted to welcome Alex Cosgrove into the ADLIB team, who will be tasked with heading up the growth of our change and digital transformation team. We’re a collaborative bunch and given the natural exchange of candidate skill sets between our teams, we’ve never been better placed to attract and deliver the goods. From high growth scale ups through to global businesses.

Alex Cosgrove

Alex Cosgrove

In addition to Alex and to support our growth, we’re also delighted to welcome Ryan Barnes who joins our user experience recruitment team and Hannah Biggs, who expands our technology offering across the South West. Both will be working with our existing teams and Alex.

Ryan Barnes

Ryan Barnes

Hannah Biggs

Hannah Biggs

Growth is great (If you get it right)

Growth is great; it’s also not easy to get right and we don’t just mean making the figures stack up. Our impending move will mean integrating two companies into one space, the outcome being improved efficiencies, better communication channels and enable (no pun intended) even more opportunity. What was 20 or so people is going to be close to 30 in a few short months. Culturally, we have to engage each and every one of the team and champion how we’ll collectively make this a success, embracing the change and opportunity.

This wasn’t on the agenda a few months ago, now it’s a reality.

About Nick Dean, Managing Director at ADLIB: Nick loves recruitment. Handy, as he’s worked in the sector for over 17 years. Nick also loves the creative, digital and marketing sectors. Again handy, as he worked in a top digital marketing agency for nearly 5 years. Today he brings this love together and is tasked with ensuring that the ADLIB team are the most talented, successful and ethical recruiters of digital, marketing, creative, technology, eCommerce and UX people that you’ll ever know.

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