Bath Film Festival

Bath Film Festival
Abbey Chambers
Kingston Parade

01225 463 458

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“I like going to the cinema; I love going to a film during the festival.” Bath Film Festival Director Philip Raby.

At the festival there is a buzz, a hum, and a rustle of expectation, a sense of adventure and of community.

The film festival gives you novelty, unexpected meetings with friends, discussions and debates, a chance to immerse yourself in film and emerge enlightened as a true film fan.

The film festival has atmosphere – packed yet quiet auditoriums – special guests, live events, and surprises.

It is the product of the work of dozens of people who have given their time for the love of the movies, not because it’s their job.

The film festival is like going on holiday without having to leave your hometown.

Simply put, Bath Film Festival is enormous fun!



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