The SpiderWeb Leadership Programme

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The SpiderWeb Leadership Programme

The SpiderWeb Leadership Programme creates inspired and inspiring leaders who have the courage, wisdom, compassion and vision to lead teams, communities, businesses or movements.

If your organisation or business needs better leadership and you’re seeking a programme with a difference, this unique programme offers a profound and transformational experience which gives people the confidence and self-awareness to lead themselves and others successfully.

The programme is highly experiential, and involves a diverse range of challenging and enjoyable activities to generate deep and powerful learning which will be sustained long after the programme ends. These include learning in and from nature, creative activities, group workshops, one-to-one coaching, journaling, and glass-walking.

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"The continuous flow of ideas and experiments, deep conversation and life-changing moments had a profound effect on me. I now have a deeper understanding of myself, tools, perspectives, and experiences to help me lead myself and my business, and a wealth of techniques I can draw on over the next few years that I know will help me and my business to grow.” Jo Munroe, Director, The Nourishing Lives Foundation

“The programme had the right balance of enjoyment and challenge and I enjoyed working outdoors, the creative activities, and the glass walking, all of which were great learning experiences. We covered a huge amount on the course, including some really practical tools which I have already been using in my day to day work and life. Since the course I have felt much more able and strong in my leadership positions and I would recommend the course to anyone who wants to improve their leadership, learn more about themselves, reconnect with their creativity and enjoy themselves along the way.” Amanda Headley-White, Chair of Board of Trustees, Cherry Orchard Trust

Start date: 10th October

Finish date 1st March


Corporate: £1,495 + vat

Charity, public sector £1,145 + vat

Small business (<25 staff): £1,145 + vat

Individual: £ 995 + vat

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