Rooster Talks: Effective Sales Proposal Writing - with Simon Hares

1 Brook Lane
Bradford on Avon
BA14 6RL
Bradford on Avon
BA14 6RL

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Simon Hares joins us once again to kick-start 2019 the 'write' way with a focus on creating great sales proposals.

This session will be invaluable if you are looking to develop your sales skills. Simon will be exploring ways to represent yourself in writing clearly and authentically so that your sales proposals offer the best possible opportunity for conversion.

Join Simon to discuss why we use sales proposals and discover why they often don't work.

He'll also be sharing actionable advice and takeaways including:

  • The Simon Sinek approach: Start with Why

  • A handy structure to help you create written magic.

  • Rules for sending the proposal via email

  • Following up and being persistent

This promises to be a dynamic and engaging session with the always energetic Simon Hares.

Book your place for January’s Rooster Talk. Free admission with coffee and croissants from The Field Kitchen.

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