The Only Way is Ethics: What makes a 'good' business?

Third Floor
20 Manvers Street

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The Only Way is Ethics: What makes a 'good' business?

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The future of business or a load of corporate spin? Can the commercial sector ever have a moral compass or will it always serve itself and its shareholders? 

Should companies make a contribution to society and planet or is that not their responsibility? 

Join Creative Bath to debate the notion that business can be a force for good.

Hear from supporters, doubters and businesses that are building profit by delivering a purpose that benefits the environment. Hear why being ethical can be good for business, helping you to attract and retain talent, inspire strategy and NPD as well as drive performance.

Learn how companies big and small are embracing ethics to outstrip the market and exponential growth.

This panel talk will feature speakers from 4 businesses, each with a unique offering in the world of ethical business and what it means to them to be 'good' companies. Come along to learn about what other companies are up to, find out what your business could be doing to be more ethical, or to give your opinions on this growing trend for social responsibility.

Speakers include Steve Fuller from The House, Toby Brown from Edit, Laura Shaw from Pure Planet and Ed Grattan from Triodos Bank.

When: April 4, 7.45pm

Where: Edit, 20 Manvers Street, Bath, BA1 1JW

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