Wild Heart of Courage Kind of Affair

A strange unexpected portal

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The Faerytale Apothecary cordially invites you to an evening of dreaming our heart wishes into being, to a night of listening to the whispers of our deep longings, to the launch of the Wild Heart Tea of Courage and other impossible delights.

Bring your favourite mugs and nestle into tastes of imaginings with tales to delight and teas to stir the soul.

Be the first to sample the new Faerytale Apothecary Wild Heart Tea of Courage - the perfect companion to the gentle, soothing medicine of the stories that will find their way to us.

Surrender to enchantment as the magicks of the White Doe and the King and other such tellings are spun around us.

Bring your baskets to fill with wares of wonder only available on the night such as a Santa Stocking Story.

Leave behind your woes for feeding to our Solstice fire.

As is the way of these Portals into the Unseen Realms, it will remain secret, only to be revealed to those pure of heart (or rich in gold) the week before the event.

And for those desiring a deeper dive into the mysterious... there are limited places available straight aftewards at 10pm for...

ASH AND BONE: A DARK MOON SOLSTICE DREAMING - This is a spiral down into the ashes of the Winter Solstice fire and the bones of ourselves. The story of the White Doe and the King will act as guide and our journeys map. We will seek out an audience with the Bone Mother...She who holds all of time in her belly, as we wander deep into the shadows of unmaking to find what on this night must be released, remade to dance in the fire anew. We will also call out whispers that are waiting in the silence between breaths that holds all of existence, waiting to be witnessed and voiced into being.

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