Transform Talks #6 - Ethics and Purpose

West Barn
Pound Lane
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Transform Talks #6 - Ethics and Purpose

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We’re at an interesting crossroads. A time when the values which drive our businesses are increasingly under scrutiny. And when the ethics by which we design future technologies are put to the test.

In Transform Talks #6 we look at why being good is good for business. We explore the value of values and how to apply our personal values in the professional world – to create a framework to make better decisions. All with the purpose of driving business and technology to be a force for good in the world.

In Transform Talks #6 Ethics & Purpose, you will hear from three superb speakers.

  • Steve Fuller and Graham Massey from The House believe that business should be a force for good and will show us how to connect to our purpose. Graham will speak on values led leadership and culture. Steve will explore a purpose driven strategy and how this can be applied in business.

  • Ben Byford from Ethical by Design brings us the current debate on AI and its societal and ethical impact. Ben will look at the future challenges we face using AI and consider its impact on business, citizens and the planet.

This evening promises to be mind expanding. It will challenge our beliefs. It will cause us to question ourselves and the world around us. And it will empower us to make purposeful choices in our own lives, our businesses and the technology we design and use.

Clear your diary and come along to :

Transform Talk #6 – Ethics and Purpose

Date: Wednesday 11th March

Time: 6.00-8.30pm

Place: West Barn, Bradford on Avon.

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