Julian House's 'Big Summer Scavenger Hunt'

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19-21 St Lawrence Street

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This summer, Julian House is challenging families, friends and colleagues to get their spy hats on for its brand-new event, the Big Summer Scavenger Hunt. On any day between Saturday 24th July to Saturday 7th August, challengers will be roaming across Bath and the surrounding countryside and hunting down the secret riddles. Once solved, these unlock the epic treasure – where participants may just win a prize!

The new event has two trails to choose from. ‘Super Spies’ is a real-life family adventure, a 2-mile route perfect for children of all ages, pushchairs and wheelchair users.  Whereas the special ‘Code Breaker’ Trail is a 6-mile GPS Hunt perfect for adults and older teenagers. Challengers will be off exploring stunning local countryside around Bath hunting down the riddles to crack the code.

Event Organizer, Jessica Gay of Julian House, said: “It's been an incredibly tough year for everyone, so our new event doesn't charge a ticket fee. Instead, it is a fantastic chance to have fun and at the same time donate what you can to raise much needed funds to help support vulnerable men, women and children experiencing homelessness and escaping domestic. By enjoying a fun-filled day out, you can also help change lives. A perfect combination!”

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