Bath College needs you!

City of Bath College


Bath College are seeking companies to speak to their IT students in a series of Employability Sessions in May – and is looking for 2-3 guest speakers from local companies on each of the following dates:

1st May – 10am-12pm

22nd May – 10am-12pm

Topics the college would like to cover include:

  •                 Introduction to your company

  •                 Roles that exist in the company and responsibilities

  •                 How recruitment works across IT & HR

  •                 What knowledge, skills and competencies do you look for in candidates?

  •                 Tips on recruitment and employability

  •                 Recommendations on education and approach to learning

  •                 As an employee, what does a typical employment package include?

  •                 What is the turnover like of staff?

  •                 Other key areas of interest/advice

These events will be for Level 3 Year 1 & 2, and where possible and appropriate, will extend to Level 2 students, so sessions will be well attended.

These sessions help to ensure that students feel prepared and have the skills or tools to secure and complete a positive work experience.

If you are able to support Bath’s students with their development, the college would love to hear from you. For more information, please contact Paul Short on 07811980703 or

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