Hello!  I'm looking for a new career challenge.  A brilliant one in fact....

I have over 15 years’ worth of outstanding Sales and Marketing/PR expertise and leadership. Most recently I've been working as UK/European Head of Sales for a Digital Marketing Agency in London.  Before that, I was working as the very successful Head of Marketing and Sales at Venues and Events International.  My creative work last year saw us named as MIT magazine's 'Agency to Watch', and we were nominated for a CIT Award for Best Agency, a great achievement and testament to my work.  I obsessed with branding and I'm also commercially aware, very well-connected, PR savvy and brilliant at exploiting a business opportunity.  I'm bloody good to have on board - I'm not only just full of ideas; I deliver on what I promise.  I'll also make you laugh and maybe inspire you along the way.   I don't have an ego and am happy to consider a role that doesn't match my current job title.  

My passions are fundraising, creative marketing, networking, creating a buzz and cultivating business relationships.  I come from a brilliant sales and marketing background, having previously worked as a Sales & Marketing Director for 6 years for a private international electronics company.   I’m exceptionally good at positively exploiting new business opportunities and extending existing partnerships and understanding the needs of the client; and I’m brilliant at making money and generating a great return.  I'm driven, entrepreneurial, full of energy and endless ideas, and I always make deliver on promises I've made.  My references will confirm this.   

I also never make promises that I cannot keep.  I can’t fly a plane, nor perform open heart surgery, but I’m very good at what I do; my references will confirm this.  Should you have any further questions, please feel free to let me know.

Insights Discovery Personal Profiling on David P Malham, summary:  

“David’s ingenuity, creativity, entrepreneurial skills, warmth and understanding of others allows him to proceed through life with great confidence.  He is known for his innate ability to inspire and encourage others with his excellent interpersonal skills.  He is outstanding in a leadership role, always able to persuade others of the value of his vision”.    January 2017.  




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