Independent marketing agency network welcomes eight new members during lockdown

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Despite challenges presented by COVID-19, the positive response by independent agency network Pimento has seen the national organisation welcome eight new member agencies and consultants since lockdown began.

In recent weeks, Pimento has not only joined forces with the Marketing Agencies Action Group (MAAG) to deliver a series of online events, but joined the CEO of the Advertising Association in lobbying the UK Government for better support for the creative industries.

This positive approach to doing business has seen Pimento grow its client and member network in the last three weeks. Having pivoted its own business model to offer an unprecedented level of advice to its members, Pimento signed up BASE Media Cloud, Veritone, Made by Factory, Mighty Giant, Hippolyta, Purple Heron, The Parkwood Consultancy and A1WebStats.

Pimento founder and CEO, Stephen Knight said: “There is no getting away from the fact that the creative industries have taken a significant hit as brands look to cut costs. When the economy does start to recover, these will be the sectors which are called upon to rebuild demand.

“That said, we are seeing strong growth in digital, PR, communications and technical design and build, in spite of everything. Clients want honesty, flexibility, fair value and collaboration with other specialists – the Pimento model is more relevant than ever as the international groups struggle to rebuild themselves. To answer the complex briefs being provided by clients, agencies should look to create a virtual team – collaborating with others to produce the strongest results.”

Manchester-headquartered moving image company, Mighty Giant, works in partnership with agencies to bring their ideas to life through animation, 3D, film and virtual effects. While Google search and shopping specialist, Made by Factory, is seeking help with innovative ways in which to form new connections within the sector.

Veritone is headquartered in Costa Mesa, California – with offices in Denver, London, New York, San Diego and Seattle – and is a leading provider of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and solutions. While Veritone’s UK technical partner, BASE Media Cloud, helps digital media enterprises to work smarter and more cost-effectively using cutting-edge cloud storage and media software tools.

Having been increasingly asked for help with advertising, marketing, visual media and PR activities by clients, Hippolyta Solutions – a corporate finance and solutions platform – wanted to be able to refer work where possible.

Ralph Mann, of visual content specialist, Purple Heron Communication explained: “My digital graphic recording has adapted to support Zoom and Microsoft Teams’ meetings and I needed a professional network to introduce me to new clients – and Pimento was my natural choice.”

Proud of its disruptor status, Pimento members work together to provide a new approach to marketing services, and one that is perfectly suited to today's economy. Understanding that a single agency can’t always deliver on every element of a brief, Pimento’s member-base covers over 100 marketing strategy and communications skills – offering clients a completely bespoke solution.



Notes to editors

Pimento is the UK’s leading independent agency network. Founded in 2005, it now boasts over 200 agencies and consultants, covering almost every aspect of marketing services. As such, they are able meet the complex demands of clients by creating bespoke teams, drawn directly from its member network.

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Additional client quotes:

Jonathan Ashworth, creative director at Mighty Giant: “Having spent several weeks reviewing the Pimento network, the new working conditions we are currently constrained by made joining a community of this calibre even more appealing.

“Mighty Giant is here to help creatives who need their ideas turning into moving images, primarily through animation. There are plenty of ideas out there that now need to find a different output and we’re hoping to be able to offer that to the network.”

Andi Wilkinson, creative director at Made By Factory: “We’re a brand which works remotely, and had been looking for ways to form fresh industry partnerships – even before the lockdown. Now, it feels more important than ever to focus on being connected with others in the creative and digital space – and we’ve already found a sense of camaraderie emerging on video calls.”

Catherine Brown, director at Hippolyta Solutions: “Pimento is helping us to source quality counter-parties in the areas our customers need. Similarly, we can assist with introducing businesses to growth strategies and finance where companies wish to fast-track their growth.”

Phillip Lancaster, CEO of The Parkwood Consultancy: "Having worked in network agencies and their holding companies for my entire career I'm now part of the independent sector, and I know where I’d rather be! Clients are embracing the energy, clear-sightedness and pace of the agencies in the independent sector and that's where Pimento comes in. As a new consultancy I know that Pimento offers a rich source of referral, support and hands on experience to accelerate my business. I'm delighted to be with them in these extraordinary times."

Andy Harris, director at A1WebStats: “To be honest, Pimento was a fortunate accident! I was participating in an online forum discussing challenges agencies were having as a result of Coronavirus, and out of that I had some dialogue with Andy Clarke, who could see strong value in what we offer, when combined with the expertise of many other Pimento members.”

Ben Foakes, founder and MD of BASE Media Cloud: “BASE Media Cloud is delighted to join the Pimento network alongside our AI technology partner Veritone. Complementing our range of end-to-end cloud services for media companies, which include cloud storage, backup, remote working and streaming solutions - we see this as the start of a bright future for our work with the UK marketing community. We are looking forward to getting to know all Pimento network members, sharing our knowledge and working together with leading companies across the UK.”

David Candler, senior director, customer solutions, at Veritone: “Veritone is delighted to be joining the Pimento network alongside our UK technical partners BASE Media Cloud. Veritone sees the highly innovative way that Pimento manages its leading independent virtual marketing network as the perfect reason to join forces and support the UK Marketing community through our products, services and expertise. We are looking forward very much to working with as many members of the Pimento network as possible and creating mutually beneficial commercial relationships for all of us.”


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