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Having established the company in 2013, RedLeaf Aerial has seen the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) market explode in popularity. 

Removing the limitations of helicopters and manned other manned aerial filming techniques, drones have allowed film makers to reduce costs considerably and it has bought a once impossible shot for the mass market to everyone. 

RedLeaf Aerial is a multi-rotor UAV aerial company, specialising in commercial elevated video and photography.

With the ability to fly broadcast cameras and film in Ultra HD quality, employing the services of RedLeaf Aerial can really bring the extra dimension to your production.

Utilising the latest technology in UAV's, RedLeaf have been able to lift a variety of cameras from their heavy lift Octocopter to suit different filming situations. RedLeaf also use the Panasonic GH4 as a standard 'go to' camera for aerial work as it has a high quality output and stunning 4K resolution. 

Also in the arsenal is a smaller quadcopter flying a Micro Four Thirds camera. Again with the ability to shoot video at 4K quality there is really no area of video and photography that RedLeaf cannot cover. 

Our reliable and safe service has made us the number one choice for many customers across the UK and further afield. RedLeaf Aerial has permission for aerial work from the CAA including the heavy lift category, is fully insured and employs BNUC-S trained pilots.

RedLeaf also offer ground based filming services. A selection of cameras and equipment has allowed RedLeaf to be able to supply the full package to many clients needing aerial and ground based video packages. 

If you have a production in the pipeline that can benefit from UAV footage, give RedLeaf Aerial a call and see how they can help create a masterpiece. 

Give them a call now on 0843 289 6855, or email

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