Joe Hamilton

Joe Hamilton

Art, Business, Education, Film & Video, Illustration & Photography, Music, Other, Performing Arts

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My name is Joe Hamilton and I currently run and manage my own recording studio in Bath called Prism Recordings. I also am the primary audio engineer for Bristol Live Room, a live recording service for bands. Through over 20 years of music education I have grown a set of skills in music composition, recording, production and performing that has given me a platform from which I can compose and record music, record other bands, create sound and music for image and perform live. I draw inspiration from a huge variety of locations ranging from film and photography to public speakers and coffee.
I have a lust for bending rules and finding new and creative fusions in anything I touch that leads to fresh, interesting and exciting results.

With experience of working closely with many different clients, I can take your vision and make it a reality through sound.


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